Site selection of concrete mixing plant

September 01, 2014

Once the concrete mixing plant is built, it will not be easy to relocate again. So users must plan accordingly before building a station.Yicheng combines many years of industry experience and gives the following suggestions for your reference.


1. According to the actual situation of the site used for the expropriation,arrange the location of the mixing plant, batching machine, cement tank, fly ash tank and gravel yard reasonably.Under the premise of forming the vehicle entrance and exit circulation passage, make the area of the storage site as far as possible big.

2. After determining the location of the mixing station and the gravel material site, first determine the position of the mixing host according to the longitudinal and lateral axes of the mixing building, and then determine the center point of the inclined belt legs, the inclined belt tailstock legs, and the legs of the machine legs, cement tanks and fly ash tanks according to the longitudinal and lateral axes of the mixing building.

3. Basic excavation work is carried out according to the position of the center point of the inclined belt leg, the inclined belt tailstock leg, the batching machine leg, the cement tank and the fly ash tank leg,and according to the actual soil condition after excavation determine the foundation excavation depth of the mixing building, cement tank and fly ash tank.

concrete batching plant

4.To ensure the normal operation of the equipment after production.Try to make the angle of the screw conveyor is 30 and no more than 45%.

5. The location of the reservoir and well should be close to the mixing building (3- 5 meters is appropriate), and the size of the reservoir and well should be determined according to the daily average production volume of the mixing station.

6. According to the actual conditions of the construction site, conduct the regional division of sand and stone site and design of drainage facilities.
7. The distribution room should be set near the mixing building (5-10 meters is appropriate).

After the users purchase the concrete mixing plant, yicheng heavy industry of henan province will send engineers and technicians to supervise the quality of the production process at the site of concrete production, and participate in the production debugging, inspection and acceptance of the products to ensure the successful production of the equipment.

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