Safety Operating Rules for Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

January 02, 2020

Before carrying out the operation of stabilized soil batching plant, it is necessary to know the safety operation rules:

1. Operators of stabilized soil mixing plant equipment must be trained and certified professionally.

2. Before starting the equipment of stabilized soil mixing plant, we must make enough checks to ensure that there are no errors.

3. There must be no one under the inclined belt and hopper when the equipment starts.

4. No one is allowed to climb the cement silo or discharge bin whether the machine is running or stopping. When maintenance equipment is needed, the power must be cut off first.

concrete batching plant

5. When the machine needs cleaning, it must cut off the power supply to ensure that the whole cleaning process is in a safe shutdown state.

6. If there is a problem in the mixing bin that needs to be repaired, the mixing blades should be blocked with iron rods and other objects in advance to prevent accidents, to ensure that the equipment of the stabilized soil mixing station can be operated only after the power is cut off. At the same time, the control room should be cared by someone to prevent the equipment from starting to wound people for without knowing the situation, and the warning sign should be issued after the power supply of the equipment is cut off.

7. Around the pool of stabilized soil batching plant, warning signs should also be placed to remind everyone to pay attention to the pool.

8. The stabilized soil batching plant equipment should be checked frequently in the use process, especially the equipment wiring, and the equipment should be maintained to prevent leakage or other accidents.

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