Planning of sand and stone site in concrete batching plant

November 25, 2019

  The aggregate site of the concrete batching plant is related to the storage quality of aggregate in product process. In the initial stage of the station, relevant planning must be done well. Based on many years of industry experience, Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. puts forward the following suggestions for the planning of the aggregate site of the batching plant for reference.

    1. Many bunkers shall be built in the sand and stone site of the batching plant, so that all kinds of coarse and fine aggregate such as sand and gravel shall be stored in bunkers according to different specifications and varieties. Meanwhile, the storage of coarse and fine aggregate shall be divided into the qualified area and the area to be inspected, separated by partition walls with a height of no less than 2m.

    2. The bunker shall be hardened by C20 concrete with a thickness of 20cm, and the yard shall be separated by C20 concrete wall with a width of 30cm, with a height of 2m. Holes shall be reserved at the lower part of the partition wall for drainage.


concrete batching plant


    3. Light steel structure ceiling must be added to all the ground material storage sites including storage hopper in the sand and stone yard of the mixing station, with the arch line height of the steel structure ceiling of 7m to prevent the impact of the external environment on the sand and stone. The aggregate cleaning area of aggregate storage yard shall be provided with one-way drainage slope; the loading channel shall be set with plane and slope in combination with the equipment parameters of batcher in batching plant.

    4. During the planning and site selection of the aggregate site of the concrete batching plant, attention shall be paid to the dryness. Some raw materials shall not be affected with damp. A blind drainage ditch shall be set around the partition wall in the silo. The middle part of the silo shall be high and the four sides shall be low. Drainage holes shall be reserved under the wall.

    This is where the planning of aggregate site of concrete batching plant is introduced. Henan Yicheng heavy industry specializes in the production and sale of concrete batching equipment with complete models, reliable quality and high cost performance. Welcome to inquire and purchase.

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