What are the procedures for building a commercial concrete mixing plant

October 23, 2019

What are the procedures for building a commercial concrete mixing plant

1. To find land and related land procedures, and implement the preliminary planning;

2. Go to the development and Reform Commission for filing and report the location and scale of the proposed station;

3. Handle environmental impact assessment and measurement certification of construction project

4. Handle business license, purchase of production and test equipment, and allocation of laboratory site and personnel;

5. Apply for laboratory qualification and enterprise qualification

6. Industrial and commercial tax registration and legal operation.

What procedures are required for the application of commercial concrete mixing plant

In order to apply for the commercial concrete professional enterprise, the development and Reform Commission, the industry and Information Commission, the industry and Commerce Bureau, the Planning Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments shall first carry out the project approval, registration, site selection, environmental protection testing, etc., and then submit it to the County Construction Bureau for review and the Municipal Construction Bureau for approval according to the qualification level standard.

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How to deal with the production license of commercial concrete mixing plant

1. Have business license;

2. Have professional and technical personnel suitable for the products produced;

3. Have production conditions and inspection means suitable for the products produced;

4. There are technical documents and process documents suitable for the products produced.

5. Have a sound and effective quality management system and responsibility system;

6. The products meet the requirements of relevant national and industrial standards as well as safeguarding human health, personal and property safety;

7. In line with the provisions of the national industrial policy, there are no backward technologies, high energy consumption, environmental pollution and waste of resources that are explicitly eliminated and prohibited by the state from investment and construction.



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