Details to be noticed in establishing small concrete batching plant

October 09, 2019

Although the small concrete batching plant just covers a small area and its production efficiency is not very high, it should also be carefully treated when establishing small concrete batching plant, and the following points should be noted.

When making foundation, we must measure the land carefully. Make every effort to be as good as possible. If done carelessly, when the small concrete batching plant is built, you will find that the small concrete batching plant is not reliable. There are also problems with cars going in and out. There will also be many problems in the production process. It is impossible to say that the small concrete mixing plant will be rebuilt, which will cost more investment.


concrete batching plant

When building cement silo of small concrete batching plant, the screw and weighing must be fixed tightly. It is also common that the helix on the construction site can not withstand the gravity drop. If there are people below, it will cause injury to people. When working in a mixing station, pay attention to the fact that people are not allowed to walk under the batching plant. Some stones or something will fall off it. Dangerous situations can easily arise if there are people below. Before the machine runs, butter is applied to the joints in advance to keep the machine moving.

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