Profit from Concrete Batching Plant

September 16, 2019

With the rapid development of our country, more and more enterprises or individuals begin to invest in concrete batching plants when various facilities are put into construction. How much profit does it make to invest in concrete batching plants?    

The profits of concrete batching plants are not uniform. Different regions, different intensities, different raw material costs, the monthly production square of each batching plant is different, the same output of the same batching plant in different months of profit will be different.      

To enter the industry of commercial concrete batching plant, investors should first recognize that the processing of commercial concrete is a high-input industry, so a large number of detailed market research should be carried out first, depending on whether the object we are prepared to serve is in large cities or small and medium-sized cities, supporting services for urban construction or engineering projects etc

concrete batching plant

In order to avoid detours for those investors who are about to enter and prepare to enter the commercial concrete mixing plant industry, we will introduce the basic considerations of the construction of the station to you by way of examples, hoping to provide you with reference and help.

Taking the establishment of a commercial concrete station with an annual output of 500,000 cubic meters of commercial concrete as the research object, the total investment of the station is about 300,000 yuan, of which 300,000 yuan is fixed investment and 500,000 cubic meters are produced annually. According to the current price of commercial concrete, the annual sales revenue is about 160 million yuan, and the annual profit is at least one tenth of the net profit. It is a project with high investment and high return.

Through the comparison of investment and profit, have you considered the investment of concrete batching plant project?


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