Why does the connection of mixer, powder weighing and dust remover lead to inaccurate weighing

September 10, 2019

In concrete mixing station, when the mixer, powder weighing and dust collector are connected, the purpose is to put the collected dust back into the mixer to realize automatic dust collection and utilization. But in the actual use process, the connection of the three causes the powder weighing to be inaccurate, and the collected dust is not very good for mixer. What's the matter?

In fact, this situation is due to the incorrect connection of the air duct of the concrete mixer under the dust hopper of the dust collector, which makes the wind pressure that the powder claims to bear become a direct current wind. The impulse-blown dust can not settle to the bottom and flow to the main engine, so that the filter core is always surrounded by dust. Dust has no settlement process. The resulting weighing is inaccurate.

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The correct way should be to install a butterfly valve under the dust hopper of the pulse dust collector. When the dust collector is closed, all the air ducts are connected to the side flange of the dust hopper, which provides the settling space for the dust blown by the pulse and avoids the secondary pollution of the filter core of the dust collector. In the concrete batching plant site, users can regularly open butterfly valves every four or five hours to clean up the collected dust, and discharge the dust into the concrete mixer. In order to make the wind pressure caused by the fan have a source, the wind pressure becomes a circulating wind, which can solve the problem that the powder weighing is inaccurate due to the wind pressure. At the same time, it greatly reduces the intensity of labor.

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