Causes of Frequent Heating in Hydraulic System of Concrete Mixer

August 21, 2019

In the operation of concrete mixer, the heating of hydraulic system is a normal phenomenon, but when the heating of hydraulic system is too frequent, this phenomenon is not normal. At this time, we need to find out the reasons, and then make treatment.

There are two reasons for overheating of hydraulic system.

 1. Irrational tank of concrete mixer

Oil tank is an important part of heat dissipation in hydraulic system. If the material used in oil tank is unreasonable in size and position, it may cause bad heat dissipation and raise the temperature of the system.According to authoritative data, the volume of fuel tank should be at least twice the system flow rate to ensure good heat dissipation.For the requirement of tank structure, the inlet and outlet should be separated a little, which is conducive to the precipitation of impurities in the intermediate oil. It's better to set up a partition in the middle, and the effect is better.

concrete batchiing plant

2. Irrational Use of Pump Oil in Concrete Mixer.

 Oil is the source of power and the essential fuel. Although each type of oil can make the engine work, improper oil will do harm to the hydraulic system. It may not be obvious when the temperature is low, but when the temperature rises, it may cause the viscosity of oil to decrease and leakage to increase.The solution to this problem is very simple, as long as the instructions are in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding hydraulic oil can be used.

If the hydraulic system of the concrete mixer is overheated, it will bring great harm to the concrete mixer. When using, it must be checked frequently to avoid accidents.

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