What are the requirements for material stacking in a concrete batching plan

August 12, 2019

1. Coarse aggregates should be stored in different grades. Coarse and fine aggregates should be divided into qualified areas and inspected areas. They should be separated by partition walls. The height of partition walls should not be less than 2m. All kinds of data should not be mixed with warehouses. Cement mortar should be used for plastering, and slopes should be set up on the interior of warehouses and no water accumulation should be allowed.

2. It is necessary to install a light steel roof with an arch line height of 7m in all storage sites including hoppers.


concrete batching plant


3. The one-way drainage slope should be set in the aggregate cleaning area of the gravel storage yard, and the feeding passage should be set in plane and slope with the equipment parameters of the batching machine in the batching plant.

4. Sand and stone materials shall be identified according to the rules for the quality inspection status of the data, including the title of the data, origin, standard, quantity, time of feeding, inspection status, test report number, inspection batches, etc.

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