The Control System of Concrete Mixing Station Should Be Choosed Correctly

August 05, 2019

The importance of control system for commercial concrete mixing station is self-evident. If the control system of commercial concrete mixing station is not selected for later use, it will be troublesome. Let's first understand what control systems are available.

1. Centralized Microcomputer Control System

The control system of this kind of concrete mixing station integrates the computer control and management functions on a computer. The computer task is heavy, and the statistics of report forms can not be synchronized in the production process, and can not be statistic data at any time. The measurement is disturbed too much by human factors, commonly known as "semi-automatic control system".

2. Distributed Microcomputer Control System

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The control system of this kind of concrete mixing station is widely used in the design of early mixing station. The core of the control system is programmable logic controller. The upper computer is only used for printing management reports. The function and function of the computer are not obvious. Especially for large commercial concrete mixing station, the function requirement of control system is more and more complex, and this control system is not suitable.

3. Centralized Dual Microcomputer Control System

This kind of mixing station control system solves the interference of human factors in measurement. The special material control instrument is adopted, and the production control and management functions are separated into two computers, which do not interfere with each other, and the production control and report statistics are synchronized. Moreover, the management computer can also be used as a production backup machine, providing a network interface with the upper computer. That is what we usually call the automatic control system of mixing station

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