Management elements of concrete mixing plant

July 26, 2019

As the country increases the management of concrete mixing stations, unqualified mixing stations will gradually withdraw from the historical stage.

What are the basic elements that need to be paid attention to during the management of concrete mixing plants?

We all know that the concrete material is made of cement, sand, admixture, water, coal powder, etc. in a certain proportion.

These raw materials are relatively hard, and the equipment is operated for a long time, which causes wear and tear. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repairs on the equipment regularly.


concrete batching plant

2.Driver management

Some mixing stations have their own mixing fleet and equipment.Therefore, it is necessary to manage and track the driver's transportation work on a daily basis.

Ensure that the driver in transit will strictly transport the materials to the construction site in accordance with the needs of the construction party.

3. Production scheduling

The production department issues the production plan, and needs to coordinate the laboratory to formulate the cooperation ratio as soon as possible.

At the same time, coordinate with the dispatch center to arrange the vehicle loading, transportation, and unloading. The links between the links are interlocking.

4. Internal process management.

From getting the order to shipping,make sure there are no errors in the process and avoid delays in the project due to process issues.

5. Risk prevention

That is, ratio quality prevention, dip transport prevention, traffic accident prevention, and financial risk prevention.

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