Reasons for excessive retarding of concrete

July 30, 2019

1. The content of Retarder in concrete admixture is excessive, especially when the content of sucrose is high.

2. Overmixing of concrete admixtures caused by man-made or mechanical faults;

3. Fly ash or mineral powder is misused as cement.

4. The design of concrete mix proportion is inappropriate and there are too many admixtures, especially when the temperature of concrete pouring environment is low.

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5. Influenced by temperature, the temperature is too low.

6. Maintenance is not in place, especially when the temperature is too low.

7. The excessive air content of concrete results in 8-10% air content of concrete.

8. The concrete slump is too large or even segregates and bleeds, which results in the high content of fly ash and the high water-cement ratio on the surface of concrete.

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