Pneumatic System of Concrete Batching Plant

February 06, 2007

In the concrete batching plant, most of the mechanisms are driven by air pressure, which has the characteristics of low cost and pollution-free.The basic principle diagram of pneumatic system is shown in the figure. It consists of 1.Assembly valve 2.Filter pressure reducing valve 3.Air cushion 4.Pneumatic butterfly valve 5.pneumatic ball vibrator 6.Air compressor 7.Air source triple 8.Gas storage tank 9. cylinder and 10.gas pipe.

The high-pressure gas from the air compressor is processed by the air source triple connection and enters the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve receives the control signal, the corresponding circuit is connected and the compressed air enters the drive element(cylinder, vibrator, assist flow air cushion) to complete the corresponding action (material door switch, vibration start and stop, arch break and stop).


concrete batching plant


The control methods of air compressor are divided into two types: air conditioning control (semi-automatic) and electric control (automatic).Electric control air compressor exhaust pressure reach the upper limit of pressure,then air compressor unload operation. When the air compressure reach the lower limit of pressure,then air compressure load operation.Electric control air compressor is generally used in air system with a large amount of gas and frequent load or unload operation. The pressure regulating valve is used to control the loading and unloading of air conditioning air compressor. Electrical control (full automatic) : Air compressor exhaust pressure reach the upper limit of pressure, then the air compressor stop running.Air compressure reach the lower limit of pressure,then it start running.It is generally used in small gas consumption and less frequent unload or load operation system.

In the choice of air compressor installation site, we must consider the clean surrounding air and small humidity,in order to ensure the quality of the air inhaled.At the same time to comply with the regulations to limit noise strictly.

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