Concrete mixing station cold weather considerations

June 23, 2007

1. Before starting the machine, the air in the control room should be turned on for about half an hour. After the indoor temperature is raised, the industrial computer and electrical equipment are started.


2. After the construction of the mixing station is completed on the same day, the water pump, drain pump and water metering equipment should be drained to prevent frost cracking pipelines and pump bodies and valves.


3. When the temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius, the aggregate conveying belt is used to reduce the weight or adjust the tail adjustment lever to relax the belt, so that the belt does not slip.


concrete batching plant


4. The admixture will crystallize when the ambient temperature reaches zero, and will change from liquid to semi-flow state. Before each start-up, the admixture device should be opened first, and the admixture should be evenly stirred and then turned on to prevent the pump from burning out due to idling. seal.


5. Drain the air compressor, gas storage tank, triplet, etc. to prevent freezing.


6. After each construction of the mixing station, the remaining materials of the gravel silo should be emptied to prevent the ice from affecting the next normal use.


7. The gear oil of each reducer should be replaced; check the scraper plate of the replacement belt; it is recommended to use 1# or 2# lithium base grease to prevent the oil supply pipe from being blocked.

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