What is the reason for using a lot of water in concrete batching plant?

June 08, 2017


Water control is very important for concrete mixing plants, which is also an aspect of production cost control. Flush the mixer and cement silo daily to use a lot of water. It is difficult to handle after concrete is condensed. Therefore, the cleaning process in production is a very expensive project.

Moreover, these wash waters contain cement slurry, aggregates and impurities, mixtures etc. From the perspective of environmental protection, the cleaning water of cement mortar or concrete is strongly alkaline, and the PH value is high, up to about 12, and random discharge will pollute the environment. The reason for the large water consumption is that in recent years with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the wastewater treatment of concrete batching plants has also become a main concern.

control cabinet


In fact, washing a car with clean water is also a waste. Assume that the transport vehicle is flushed with 1-2T water, 2-3 times a day, and the medium-sized mixing station uses 20 vehicles per day. For example, 40-120 T of water is used daily. From this perspective, the reuse of washing water is very conducive to environmental protection and water conservation.

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