How to reduce the wear of small concrete mixer?

June 18, 2014

In order to reduce the wear of concrete mixer, special attention should be paid during running-in period.

Common failures of the concrete mixer during the running-in period: poor lubrication, due to the small gap between the new parts and components, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the gap, the lubricating oil is not easy to form a uniform oil film.

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Due to factors such as the processing and assembly of the new machine parts of the concrete mixer and supervision, such as the contact area of the friction surface is small, the surface pressure is not equal, etc., the wear is faster. At this time, if the overload is exercised, he may cause damage to the parts and an early failure may occur. Therefore, when the concrete mixer used is in the running-in period, the machine must not be overloaded. This can reduce the wear of the machine and prolong the service life.

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