Small concrete batching plant base selection method

December 21, 2021
YCZG is your first choice to buy small concrete btching plant Our company specializes in the manufacture of concrete mixing plant.When installing a small mixing plant, there are many details to consider, such as construction and base selection before setting up the mixing plant is the focus of the work. Let's take a look at this today.
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First of all, the datum of the mini-mixing plant must be checked with a level gauge and superflat. The finished iron must be prepared in accordance with the concrete plant drawings. The size of the built-in hardware will not be changed at will. If necessary, the site maintenance technician must be notified for written confirmation. Steel mesh and steel anchor hooks are required to be laid on the concrete plant foundation. The depth and width of the excavation should not be less than the dimensions required by the drawings. The size of the picture should not be resized at will. In case of any changes, the technical manual of the site shall be notified and written proof shall be provided.
Secondly, according to the technical requirements of the small concrete mixing plant, find a good control point, the dimensional error between the two bases should not exceed 50mm, the lime distance from the centre of the base and the dimensional limit of the mining base. After the foundation excavation is qualified, the concrete must be thrown twice. Foundation excavation, foundation centre line position by steel or wood reserved, the same foundation of the two pre-buried iron centre line position should be in the same line, there should be no deviation. 20mm. the pre-buried iron should be placed at a level above the ground, parallel to the level of the adjacent buried iron and should not be cornered or eccentric.

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