YCZG teaches you how to effectively manage a concrete mixing plant

December 20, 2021
Effective mixing plant management practices are key to ensuring concrete quality, improving work efficiency and achieving project quality targets. So how to effectively manage a concrete mixing plant?
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1. Personnel training
The company should prepare a training plan for the project and focus on training and assessment to gradually improve the management level of the mixing plant.
2. Work procedures
The mixing plant should draw up a work plan on a monthly basis, organise the production of concrete according to the work plan, provide the demand plan of raw materials on a monthly basis, arrange the production, transportation and maintenance of the equipment of the mixing plant in a reasonable manner, arrange the compulsory maintenance of the equipment when the work is heavy, and grasp the training of the staff when the work is light. Use and maintain the machinery in strict accordance with the instruction manual, stock some wearing parts, follow the safety operation procedures according to the rules and regulations, and regulate the behaviour.
3. Effective implementation of management measures
The concrete mixing plant should take measures to ensure the effective operation of the quality management system, and regularly evaluate the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the system, and report any unsuitable documents to the Association of Quality Management Commissioners for revision. The individual employees of the mixing plant must put quality first. Individuals and teams who have made achievements in quality should be rewarded and penalties given to teams and people who neglect product quality, neglect their duties and cause serious consequences.
Effective management of concrete mixing plant can enhance the level of institutionalization and standardization of the mixing plant, ensure the quality of concrete products and strengthen the input-output efficiency, I hope the above approach can bring help to the users

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