How to solve the problem of batching error in the production process of concrete mixing plant

December 17, 2021
Stationary concrete mixing plant is a professional concrete equipment manufacturer, the quality of concrete directly determines the quality of the project, so for concrete mixing plant, the strict production process of each compound, especially the ratio of raw materials, to better ensure the quality of concrete. The automatic batching of raw materials in concrete mixing plants, usually through the batching process, errors in the batching process must be identified in time to solve the problem.
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The batching machine is an important part of the concrete cleaning plant. Batching errors are usually caused by problems with the concrete batching machine. Common causes and solutions include.
1. The automatic dispensing process is dispensed by the power supply or peripheral electrical equipment. The necessary measures are as follows: turn off the upper power control and restart it, and keep electrical equipment such as electric fusion machines as far away from the dispenser as possible.
2. The mixing process is out of control or malfunctioning is the power supply voltage is too high or too low. Measures should be taken to increase the voltage regulator on the dosage control instrument
3. The dosage controller is overheated. Measures to be taken: add sunscreen.
Typical batching machines in concrete mixing plants There are two hoppers, three hoppers and four hoppers. The models are PLD600, PLD800, PDL1200, PLD1600, PLD2400, etc. Users can choose the right batching machine according to the concrete mixing plant specifications and actual production needs to avoid mistakes in production and use and to better ensure the profitability of the concrete plant.

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