Concrete batching plant wearing parts and handling methods

December 15, 2021
When signing a contract with a customer, the question arises, what are the wearing parts of a stationary plant? I will give you a detailed introduction to.
Concrete batching plants are most often used in concrete production in construction machinery, these equipment usually consists of many accessories such as JS concrete mixers, cement silos, screw pumps metering complexes, weighing systems, etc. These applications use small parts, but also the most damaged and common wear parts: concrete mixer mixing blades, panels, travel belts, inclined belt drives, solenoid valves, cylinders, load cells, etc.
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The common parts of the concrete mixer should be worn, long time rain and air contact is more likely to corrode, if the corrosion of serious parts of the equipment will affect its service life and seriously affect normal operation. Therefore, the need to deal with to avoid the corrosion of its parts. In order to avoid corrosion of various parts of the equipment, it is required to choose the corrosion resistance of the concrete mixer. In short, the appearance of the parts needs to be reduced by blocking air that can lead to corrosion. Together, it can also avoid fatigue damage caused by items such as cracking and peeling appearance. To avoid the image above, it can be used to filter out smooth areas in the manufacture. The hardness of the part can be increased by penetration and hardening. When reducing wear, you can compare the data used. Friction reduction must also be considered when planning the shape of the part.
For some customers, using concrete mixing plants, Zhengzhou YCZG inserts each customer in bulk and if they still have questions, we can train them accordingly. Therefore, we see no major problems with the use of the customer, mainly the maintenance of the equipment. This large production line needs to do a great deal of service as well, so it needs to pay very close attention to where we are on the insertion machine, doing a detailed introduction, such as the pre-assembly of the equipment, what needs to be paid attention to during the installation of the main aspects of these, to know what is needed to replace and maintain the corresponding equipment during use, how long it takes, and so on.
This will eliminate the concerns of many customers, but there are still some problems or just a person wants to know, which is like saying ready-mixed concrete plant if this post has some relevant mechanical rust, few people are concerned, as someone asked, we will say concrete mixing plant, after all, not rust. Zhengzhou TRACEEN construction machinery engineers in the early assembly station to provide, internal parts and the exterior of the body are coated with anti-corrosion paint, but you are in the field conditions many applications of the equipment is relatively poor, combined with the use of a fixed number of more than a year, this is the early stages of the machine under the anti-corrosion paint content, literally no rust, but can not guarantee the shape of the paint condition after.

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