How to choose a concrete mixing plant base

December 14, 2021
There are many details to consider when installing a concrete mixing plant. For example, choosing a foundation is the main focus before building a plant. Today, Zhengzhou YCZG provides you with a detailed introduction.
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First of all, the level of the base of the mixing plant must be checked using a level and super plane. Pre-paved iron is prepared according to the requirements of the drawing BSU. The size of the embedded hardware should not be changed at will. If changes are required please inform the technician, please provide written proof of the requirement to lay steel mesh on the mixing plant foundation. The steel anchor bolts should be no smaller than the size required on the drawings. The required excavation depth and width of the foundation shall not be less than the dimensions required by the drawings. The drawings shall not be adjusted to the dimensional markings at will. Any changes shall be notified to the local technical management department for written proof.
Second, according to the specifications of the concrete mixing plant, put the line, find the reference point, the error size between the two bases should not exceed 50mm, lime from the centre of the base pouring out the size and excavation size range . After the foundation is mined out of qualified pouring concrete, the second pouring must be carried out. When digging the foundation, the position of the centre line of the foundation is reserved with steel beams or gravel and the requirements are clearly marked. The two built-in centre lines of the iron parts of the same foundation must be aligned with a deviation of no more than 20 mm. The pre-stacked iron before placement should be above ground level and adjacent to the buried iron level, parallel and without distortion or eccentricity.

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