Twin-shaft mixer concrete mixing plant

December 09, 2021
Twin-shaft mixer concrete mixing plant is a kind of concrete mixing plant with double horizontal shaft concrete mixer as the mixer. The concrete mixing plant equipment includes concrete mixer, metering machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, scale, control system and dust removal system and other components. Twin-shaft mixers are represented by concrete mixer models such as js500, js750, js1000, js1500, js2000 and js3000. Concrete machinery models: pld800, pld1200, pld1600, pld2400, pld3200, pld4800 and other concrete machinery models. Twin-shaft mixer concrete batching plant models: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240 and other concrete batching equipment.
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The cost of a twin shaft mixer concrete plant depends on the configuration. Some customers may need a concrete mixing plant kit, others may need a concrete mixer, concrete mixer and no cement silo, and still others need one or more concrete mixers. Equipment configuration is the main factor affecting the price of concrete mixing plants. The advanced nature of the equipment configuration directly affects the efficiency of the plant production. The basic equipment layout concrete mixing plant is a double horizontal shaft forced mixer requiring high mixing quality and high production efficiency. PLD series concrete mixer requires high batching requirements and fast batching speed; screw conveyor, which requires high conveying performance. Cement silo requires large warehouse and long service life. Twin-shaft mixer concrete mixing plant
There are many types of equipment... Different models of concrete mixing equipment have different power and price. What is the cost of a concrete mixing plant? The exact price of the equipment must be calculated on the basis of actual order data. In the actual process of setting up a concrete plant, the concrete batching machine model, the number of cement silos, the configuration parameters of the control room and the control computer vary from user to user, so the price cannot be generalised.

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