Concrete Plant Costs

December 07, 2021
Concrete plant costs depend on a number of factors such as raw material costs, transportation costs and labour costs. In addition, a concrete mixing plant is a complex system in itself. We need to provide you with a bespoke solution based on your needs. Everyone's solution is different, so we cannot provide a specific number, you can contact us for your proposal and advice.
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In addition to the cost of a concrete plant, you can also find out how long a concrete plant lasts. Firstly, it depends on the raw materials used to manufacture the concrete plant equipment. The quality of the concrete plant equipment directly affects the service life of the concrete plant equipment. Nowadays, most concrete mixing plants use pallets made of steel, stainless steel and other materials. The pointed end can effectively prevent solvent corrosion caused by rainwater erosion and reduce the vibration amplitude of the concrete mixer, which greatly extends the service life of the concrete mixing plant.
The second is whether the concrete mixing plant environmental protection features. Nowadays, it has been a general trend for concrete plants to develop in the direction of environmental protection. If the equipment purchased for a concrete plant is not eco-friendly, it will certainly be dismantled. Nowadays, to keep a concrete plant running, it has to buy equipment, which is a very big cost.
Costly wearing parts in a concrete plant include mixing paddles, liners, conveyor belts, sealing belts, dust collector cartridges etc. When you buy one of our concrete mixing plants, we will provide you with a certain amount of wearing parts for your needs. After that, our after-sales manager will provide the corresponding wearing parts according to the service.

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