Reasonable combination of concrete mixing plant according to local conditions

December 02, 2021
1、Concrete mixer: According to the requirements of the construction progress, the capacity of the concrete plant is 60m3/h, and the concrete mixer is 1500. according to the company's operation mode, it can be used for emergency concrete emergency use in the neighboring industrial area when necessary.
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2、Cement transportation equipment: The mixing plant uses bulk cement, and a total of three 100 bulk cement silos are installed to supply and transport cement by the manufacturer.
3、Sand, stone, impurities and water storage and transportation equipment: The mixing plant is equipped with a 45m×18m×1.8m sand and stone storage and transportation area, equipped with two XG951 loaders for staking and staking materials in the mixer. The bottom plate of the silo is equipped with 4% slope inside and 30cm×30cm drainage outlet outside the hopper, with steel water on the drainage trough to facilitate loading of the machine. The outer wall and hopper wall are made of M10 cement mortar, 1.8m high and at least 50cm thick. With 2.6mx 1.5mx 1.5m admixture for easy storage and handling. A special pool of 2.6 mx 5 mx 1.5 m is used as a back-up water tank.
4. Concrete mixing equipment: Concrete is transported to the pouring site by concrete pumps, and then by concrete transfer pumps to each pouring point. The station is equipped with two HBT60 concrete transfer pumps and six 8m3 concrete tankers as the main concrete transfer equipment to ensure the transfer of concrete.
5、Generator set: This station is equipped with a 200KW diesel generator set as the backup power supply of the mixing plant to ensure the smooth production of the mixing plant.
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