The correct maintenance method for concrete mixer blades and arms

November 26, 2021

Concrete batching plant operators in their daily work, there is a particularly important work, that is, the maintenance of the concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant maintenance directly affects the service life of this mixing plant and the safety of the mixing plant staff, then the mixing plant operator should operate the concrete mixing plant to ensure the safety of the mixing plant, I summarize the following points for you: 1, concrete mixing plant equipment, should be professional according to the factory instructions, and should be arranged under the control of the technical staff debugging, in all the skills and functional indicators meet the provisions of the mixing plant after inspection before it is put into operation.

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Installation qualified

The equipment of concrete mixing plant should be carried out by professionals according to the factory manual, and should be arranged for commissioning under the charge of skilled personnel, and only after all the functional indicators of the skills meet the requirements and pass the inspection, can be put into operation.

Check before work

Before work to view the project should be in line with the following requests:

(1) the mixing cylinder and the supporting institutions of the transmission, movement parts and barn doors, bucket doors, tracks, etc. are free of foreign objects stuck.

(2) The oil level of each lubricating oil tank is in accordance with the regulations.

(3) open the valve to discharge the excessive water in the air and water separator in the air circuit system, open the drain plug of the air storage cylinder to release the oil and water mixture.

(4) raise the bucket or pull shovel wire rope equipment, reel surround are accurate, wire rope and pulley in line with the provisions, raise the bucket and pull shovel brake active and useful;.

(5) The bolts of each department have been tightened, each inlet and discharge valve has no over-limit wear, the tension of each transport belt is appropriate and does not run off.

(6) weighing equipment of all control and show some normal work, its accuracy in line with the provisions.

(7) the electrical equipment can be useful to control the mechanical action, the contact points and dynamic, static contacts without significant damage.

Work should be noted

1. Qualified sand and stone aggregates should be prepared according to the skill function of the mixing plant, and those with grain size exceeding the promised scale should not be used.

2. All parts of the unit should be started gradually. After starting, the working condition of each part and the indication condition of each appearance should be normal, and the pressure of oil and gas should meet the requirements before the work can be started.

3. During the working process, it is forbidden for people to enter in the storage area and under the raising hopper.

4. The mixing cylinder should be covered before starting. During the work of the machine, it is forbidden to put hands or feet into the hopper or mixing cylinder to feel.

5. When the shovel is jammed by an obstacle, it shall not be forced to pull up, shall not use the shovel to lift heavy objects, in the process of pulling material, shall not be reversed operation.

6. mixer full mixer shall not stop, when the fault or power failure, should immediately cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, the concrete in the mixing cylinder to remove clean, and then remove the fault or wait for power recovery.

7. the mixer machinery shall not be overloaded work; should check the working condition of the motor, when found working sound abnormal or temperature rise is too high, should immediately stop to check; voltage is too low when not forced to work.

8. the mixer should be unloaded before shutdown, and then close the various switches and pipelines in order. The cement in the spiral tube should be transported out in full, and no material should be left in the tube.

9. after work, should be organized and mixing cylinder, discharge door and hopper, and flush with water, together with flushing additional agent and its supply system. Weighing system knife seat, knife mouth should be clean and clean, and should ensure weighing accuracy.

10. During the freezing season, the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank should be exhausted and the pump and additive pump should be started for 1~2min.

11. When the mixing plant is transferred or stopped, the water tank, additive tank, cement, sand, stone storage hopper and weighing hopper should be drained and cleaned.



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