Are you ready to invest in concrete mixing plant?

November 25, 2021
Investment in concrete mixing plant, are you ready? With the increasingly widespread application of commercial concrete, more and more people choose commercial concrete mixing plant investment, due to the commercial concrete mixing plant one-time investment is more, customers need to choose carefully when buying, Henan Zhongrui Heavy Industry here to give customers some purchase advice for reference.
Commercial mixing plant configuration
Want to do commercial mixing plant investment, the first thing to understand the commercial mixing plant configuration. Commercial mixing plant five major component systems: material weighing system, material storage system, material conveying system, mixing system, control system. The configuration of the good or bad directly determines the output of the commercial mixing plant, in addition to look at the electronic components of the commercial mixing plant, although the electronic components are relatively small things, but the overall operation of the equipment and the stability of the operation has a very important impact on the role of the choice of brand electronic components can do the overall peace of mind.
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Investment in commercial concrete mixing plant to consider the following aspects
1, the construction unit according to their construction plan to calculate the daily demand for concrete, and then the daily demand divided by the number of hours of work per day, to arrive at the hourly concrete demand, and then according to the hourly concrete demand to choose the corresponding production scale of the mixing plant (building), so as to avoid the problem that the production of the mixing plant can not reach or waste equipment.
2. Once the customer has determined the hourly production rate, the mixer for the production of concrete is basically determined, and then the mixer and the hourly production rate are used to select the matching equipment. The loading capacity of the mixer truck should be matched with the discharge capacity of the mixer, and improper matching will affect the working efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader should be matched with the loading height of the concrete mixing plant batching station.
3. Selection of equipment. Mainly from the advanced, reliable, excellent and universal equipment several aspects to consider. The equipment should have advanced working principle, high degree of automation, powerful management and good performance. In addition, we should also consider high metering accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, large use of standard parts and good interchangeability.
4. Manufacturer reputation. There are many domestic manufacturers with different performance and reliability. The main thing to look at is the product details and quality, whether technical guidance and training are in place; whether after-sales service is timely; whether spare parts supply is adequate.
5, concrete mixing plant quality and price is directly proportional, so in the selection of equipment to pay attention to not choose too low price, you think then price advantage, the results are just the opposite.

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