How should a concrete mixing plant keep warm in winter?

November 23, 2021
The outdoor temperature is very low in winter, so how should a concrete batching plant keep warm in winter?
1. Concrete plant
Concrete mixer insulation: fully enclosed concrete mixer, windows are double, wall insulation thickness of at least 50 cm. Equipment with winter construction technical measures to ensure that the drive can -10 ℃ environment normal, -20 ℃ environment does not damage. The fully enclosed concrete mixer is equipped with 1 set of radiators (1 set of 5 pieces) to keep the room temperature at 15 degrees. The hot water in the water heater comes from the hot water tank. To ensure good performance, the hot water pipes must be insulatedThe protective cover is covered with an insulating film, the layer of insulating material is at least 50 cm thick and a rock slab is used to cover the joints of the large inclined belt with a flat belt.
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2. Storage silo
Insulation will be stored raw materials for closed insulation cover for insulation, lay a layer of electric blanket, first into the raw materials, electric blanket, cover a layer of insulation cotton, and then sprinkle a layer of striped fabric cover, with insulation effect of isolation from cold air. It does not mix with ice, frozen blocks and minerals that tend to freeze. The material should be covered promptly afterwards.
3. Additives
Impurities can be transferred to the interior and the mixture can be covered with an electric blanket covered with coloured cloth and the oven heated around the mixing bowl.
4. Water mixing water
The heating temperature should not exceed 80°C. When the unit is not heated, the water can be heated to above 60°C, but when mixing add the heated water from the unit, mix well and pour into the cement. When the heated water does not meet the requirements to ensure uniform heating, the heating temperature should not exceed 60°C.
5. Cement
The cement storage tank is covered with electric blanket to avoid heat dissipation from the cement.

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