Types of concrete mixing plant and product development trend

March 15, 2022
The function of concrete mixing plant is to mix cement, water, aggregate, admixture and other materials into qualified concrete. It is mainly used for the construction of railways, kilometers, bridges, airports, tunnels, hydropower and water conservancy projects. The concrete mixing plant has many layout forms and different specifications, The following is a brief introduction to the types of screening concrete mixing plants and their development trends in the future.
Type of concrete  batching plant
1. Classification according to control system
Standard concrete mixing plant and simple concrete mixing plant. The simple concrete mixing plant adopts the centralized control system, the standard concrete mixing plant adopts the full-automatic control system, and the centralized control system is a "simple" control system.
The simplicity mentioned here does not mean the simplicity of the quality or accuracy of the centralized control system, but refers to the degree of automation. The centralized control system belongs to semi-automatic control. The click operation of the full-automatic control system will automatically transport the materials from the warehouse body to the weighing bucket through screw, and then automatically unload them into the mixer. The whole process is fully automatic, convenient and fast.
2. Classification according to production
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Future development trend of concrete mixing plant
1. More and more intelligent
With the promotion of "Internet plus", concrete mixing stations need to establish a complete ERP management system, GPS scheduling system, and mixing station control system integration. By opening up the product Internet function of the concrete mixing plant, the product data can be uploaded to realize the remote control, fault diagnosis, program upgrade, maintenance, etc. of the concrete mixing plant.
2. Continuous development of environmental protection technology
Environmental protection technology has always been one of the core technologies of concrete mixing plant, and it is also an important factor affecting product performance. In the future, more environmental protection technologies will be widely applied to concrete mixing plant, such as combined dust removal technology, residual concrete and waste water recycling technology, waterproof and anti oil and dust removal cloth technology, intelligent pulse type dust removal technology and intelligent control spray dust suppression technology.
3. Energy saving technology is widely used
Energy saving is an important indicator of environmental protection of concrete mixing plant. In the future, frequency conversion energy-saving technology will gradually expand from screw machine to belt conveyor and even mixing host motor. At the same time, more energy-saving new materials, new technologies, new processes and new energy will also be gradually applied to concrete mixing plants.
4. Continuous improvement of production efficiency
With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the production efficiency of concrete mixing plants, concrete mixing plants with high efficiency will continue to emerge. With the continuous improvement of mixing machine design and the wide application of double intermediate bin technology, the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant will be further improved in the future.
5. More suitable for concrete development
In the future, high performance concrete with obvious advantages in construction and economic performance will become the trend of market development. Therefore, concrete production equipment needs to meet the needs of concrete development. Only by mastering the new process and formula of concrete production and preparation can designers effectively guide the technical upgrading of concrete mixing plant, continuously improve the production quality of warm soil and reduce the production cost.

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