How to choose the right concrete mixer

November 10, 2021

The concrete mixer, according to the principles, can be divided into gravitational and forced, according to the operating mode, it is divided into cyclic, continuous and so on. In the face of so many concrete mixers, buyers are confused as to how to choose the right mixer? These three conditions should not be forgotten. Simply put, the choice of a concrete mixer is mainly to consider three aspects.namely, to choose according to the volume of work and the time requirement for the project, according to the types, characteristics and densities of concrete.

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1. According to the amount of the project and the term for selection: large quantity and long project duration, you should choose medium or large concrete mixer. If there is a small number of engineers and short construction period, you should choose a small and medium concrete mixer.

2. According to the types of concrete design: when mixing plastic or semi-plastic concrete, choose gravity concrete. When mixing high strength concrete, hard or light aggregate concrete, choose a forced mixer.

3. According to the characteristics and consistencies of choice: when mixing low density concrete and large aggregate diameter, choose a large volume gravity mixer. Such as mixing the consistency of large and large diameter aggregate, choose a gravity mixer with a fast rotation speed of the mixing drum. Such as high density and small diameter of the aggregate, choose a forced mixer or medium and small capacity taper outlet product. 

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