Safety Control Methods for Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

November 09, 2021

The mobile concrete batching plant cost, including an extra trailer unit, is usually even higher than that of a stationary plant of the same model, thus it’s critical to follow efficient safety control methods in manage it and relative staff. Details are as below.

1. The site guards must conduct detailed safety inspections of the transfer personnel and vehicles, make registration records, and implement the entry and exit registration criteria to prevent explosive materials outside the door.

2. Specific running and maintenance rules should be made for important or dangerous machinery of a mobile concrete batching plant.

3. Have the whole staff bear in mind that fire-fighting arms in the concrete mixing station production site can only be used in case of fire. Inappropriate uses of the arms are forbidden, and the fire safety channels must be under close supervision with prominent warning signs about blockages.

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4. The flammable and explosive items in the concrete mixing station site shall be stored in a special warehouse for safekeeping.

5. Electric welding, gas cutting and other workers must own relative working certificates, and the working distance between the oxygen and acetylene bottles should be no less than 5m. The working distance between two bottles of open flame shall not be less than 10m.

6. In winter, detailed safety measures must be taken, including education in fire protection and safety production. No smoking is allowed.

7. According to the characteristics of the project construction, the project department of the mobile concrete batching plant should set up a safety production team to carry out regular inspections on the construction site to eliminate various hidden safety hazards in the bud state.

8. The ideological education of employees should be strengthened, so that the alarm bells are long sounded to prevent problems before they occur.


The mobile ready mix concrete plant manager should actively cooperate with the local fire safety inspection department in regularly carrying out fire safety drills.

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