How to improve the production efficiency of concrete batching.

November 05, 2021
The basic working principle of existing concrete mixing equipment:
aggregate by batching machinemeasurement, the belt transport to the bucket, the bucket will aggregate into the blender; powder material transported to the powder material measuring hopper through the screw machine, thepowder material measuring hopper put into the mixing machine; the water from the water metering hopper after the measurement, measuring admixture on water metering hopper, the mixed liquid byexcessive bucket and pipeline put into the Mixer Blender; through a hopper will be basicallycompleted concrete mixing into concrete transport vehicle.
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In order to facilitate the understanding of the process, we make the action classification:
all the raw materials to the host before the transportation time is called the preparation time; put all the ingredients into the host of the time called the feeding time; the time of stirring material calledstirring; mixing the concrete to complete on time some transport car called the discharge time, thetransport vehicle alternate splice required time called the vehicle ready time
The existence of the bucket's aim is to ensure that all materials can be prepared in time before the start of feeding, namely the preparation time is less than the mixing time and the discharging time. Ifmeet at the same time can ensure the vehicle in front of the inequality of preparation time than the stirring time and discharge time, continuous production, mixing time can be achieved as follows:preparation time (the first cycle material) - feeding time, stirring time and discharging time, feedingtime, stirring time and discharging time......
Only achieve this cycle, to achieve continuous production of true to equipment. Because the preparation time only after initial production will be credited to the continuous productionequipment, production efficiency.
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