YCZG controls and ensures the high measurement standard of concrete mixing plant from the source

November 05, 2021
In order to bring customers a higher quality user experience, YCZG controls from the source to the standardization of similar products.
Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
1. Reasonable production design
In order to ensure the accuracy of HZS concrete mixing plant metering device, yczg engineers ensure the quality of four parts through reasonable design, that is, to ensure the stiffness and strength of the bearing; Load capacity and balance structure; Convincing linearity, sensitivity and stability of the balance; Ensure that the load cell is accurate and reliable.
2. Strict supervision and verification
YCZG concrete mixing plant has professional metering personnel when leaving the factory. After the customer purchases yczg mixing plant, professional after-sales personnel will carry out installation and commissioning, error handling and operation inspection in use, and the local metering organization will carry out monitoring and inspection, and provide the batching system used within the validity period.
The weighing accuracy of yczg concrete unit device shall meet gb14249.1s and GB / t14249.2, jjg539 general accuracy level 1.0, the weighing accuracy of aggregate shall be plus or minus 2%, and that of powder, water and admixture shall be plus or minus 1%
YCZG, specializing in concrete mixing plant for more than 30 years, is old delirium, large factory, mature technology and advanced technology. Welcome to buy. Yczg construction plant, the first brand of China's construction machinery, looks forward to cooperating with you.

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