How to select the manufacturer of concrete batching equipment?

October 22, 2021

How to choose the manufacturer of concrete plant has become a difficult problem for new users. If you don't know the concrete mixing plant, you don't even know how to check the plant, what kind of information to produce, and how to select the manufacturer of the concrete mixing plant. YCZG has several suggestions for your reference

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Investigate the manufacturer of concrete plant from the following aspects: reputation, reputation and production capacity.
2. product
The quality, maturity, technical level, price and vulnerable parts of mixing equipment produced by concrete mixing equipment manufacturers are studied.
3.Market outlook
Check the customer base of the concrete mixing equipment manufacturer to confirm the manufacturer's reputation.
4.Look at this system
Study whether the manufacturer has policies and systems such as installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty commitment, vulnerable parts and technical guidance.
5.After sale
Check whether the manufacturer has improved the after-sales service to customer satisfaction, such as how to solve the problem when the equipment is running.
Finally, select the appropriate concrete mixing equipment for planning according to the site situation and production situation.
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