What Are The Special Site Sizing Requirements Of HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant

September 16, 2021

Are There Special Requirements For Concrete Plant Equipment? Concrete batching station , YCZG has achieved great convenience in the special design of the HZS series concrete batching plant, which was built by construction machinery: site selection, model, configuration, operation, etc.
Take concrete batching plant as an example

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Batching System PLD800 concrete batching plant is used. The machine consists of a feeding mechanism, weighing system, electrical control system and other components. It is characteristic that the feed mechanism is located in the? Commodity? shaped and fed by a conveyor belt, the weighing method is a lever plus one sensor, and the measurement is accurate

Mixing System The mixing
plant of the mixing station used Zhengzhou YCZG to assemble the No. 500 mixer of the construction machine, which can mix fluidity, dryness, lightweight concrete and various types of mortar. The mixer has a reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short mixing time, energy saving and low noise

Electronic control system
The main functions of the electronic control system: stable performance, reliable performance, electrical components such as the French company Schneider and other world famous products, guaranteed by quality

Aggregate transport system
Mixing station. The aggregate feeding system uses the lifting bucket feeding method. The biggest advantage is that the space occupied is small and land resources are conserved

In fact, the special requirements of the HZS series concrete batching plant and concrete batching plant include convenient selection and construction of foundations. The base of the HZS series concrete mixing plant has several special requirements: firstly, the convenience of choosing the foundation of the HZS series concrete mixing plant. It is very important to choose the foundation of the concrete mixing plant. Not only should be selected according to the concrete batching plant model. The correct site size, most importantly, the choice of the foundation must be convenient for the use of the concrete mixing plant, so the choice of the site of the HZS series concrete mixing plant must be rich in water to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing station, there is It is convenient for dumping pollutants and can not put residents too close, to avoid disturbing residents. The HZS series concrete mixing plant should not be exposed, because the concrete mixing station is mainly suitable for concrete production, and the inconvenience of transportation directly affects the concreting. Normal operation of the station, therefore the location of the concrete mixing station should be a convenient place for movement
HZS concrete plants model also has special requirements, concrete batching plant model: Type HZS25 , the HZS35 type , HZSA50 type, HZS60, HZS75 type, HZS90 type, HZS120 type, HZS180 type, HZS240. The special model of the HZS series concrete mixing plant is that not every type of concrete mixing plant has different configurations in the next year. For example: HZS180 concrete mixing plant has only one type: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 type three The concrete mixing plant model consists of a simple concrete mixing station and a standard concrete mixing station.

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