Formula for calculating the capacity of a complete Mini Concrete Plant

September 02, 2021
Currently in construction, many investors for investment value and local market demand, choose to invest in Small Concrete Plant , always see Small Concrete Plant in the city everywhere. With the investment of Small concrete plants, and no space and capital will be enough, we must also remain part of the operation of the funds, in the operation of the funds, the capacity of a set of small concrete mixing devices is an important factor in the calculation cost. How is the capacity of a small concrete plant calculated?
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First, we need to know some parameters of Small Concrete Plants:
1. A single small concrete plant with a list of ratings,
2.Operating requirements for each Small Concrete Batching Plant,
3. The number and capacity of the Spare Small Concrete Plants, the lighting load, if the demand factor is 0.8, the power factor is 0.8, then the design load is 150 sq. The load factor of the transformer is in accordance with 0.75, a transformer of at least 200 kVA is required.
If we consider future development, then more is possible. Please note that for a 200 kVA transformer, allow the largest motor with 55 kW.
With these parameters, we can easily calculate the capacity of 35m3 / hour of the SKIP concrete plant .
(Mixing total volume × power / hourly efficiency × = electricity consumption
(Mixing total volume × power / hourly efficiency)
Here is the capacity of Small Concrete Batching Plants.
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