How to circumvent concrete mixing station investment risk?

September 20, 2015

With the rapid development of China's infrastructure, the concrete mixing plant industry is in good shape, but customers who want to invest in the mixing plant still need to pay attention and avoid risks. So how does circumvent mix station investment risk? Yicheng heavy industry analyze these for you.

1.Reduce your risk.

What the client wants to accomplish first when investing concrete mixing plant is to reduce himself risk, this includes to solve the problem such as big personnel fluidity, inadequate technical personnel inadequacy, lack of construction experience and so on.The solutions are as follows:
(1)All staff of mixing station are trained through strict audit, holds the certificate to mount guard, the enterprise organize staff to carry on the training regular, strengthen the study, formulate the strict management method at the same time and strong execution.
(2) Improve the technical requirements in the supply contract, make it controllable and testable, there should be no index requirements controlled by both parties; Concrete mixing plant responsiblilities and stage of supply and demand side ; Coordinate with engineering practice.

concrete batching plant

2. Avoid environmental risks
(1) The shortage of natural sand and stone, the rise of the price of concrete raw materials belong to other investment concrete mixing station environmental risk.Mixing station enterprise is about product transformation, realize the utilization of renewable resources, finally realize the production of high quality, energy-saving concrete products.
(2) Instability of raw material quality will also cause risks, stirring stations should strengthen the management of raw materials. Understand the impact of material quality fluctuations on coagulation.
Customers who want to invest in concrete mixing plants must understand the above risk points,take the corresponding measures, prevent in the future, in order to the investment of concrete mixing plant to obtain a more generous return.

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