What dangerous areas are there in the concrete batching plant?

July 23, 2019

The production process of HZS90 concrete batching plant is very safe, but it can not prevent accidents due to some human reasons. How do we do this episode? First of all, it is necessary to know which areas of HZS90 concrete batching plant belong to risk areas, which will cause harm to personnel, and pay more attention to the operation and maintenance time of equipment.

Do not enter the scope of bucket elevator or inclined belt conveyor, otherwise there will be danger of sports machinery injury!

Do not enter the range of batching stations or risk participation in horizontal zones!

concrete batching plant



Do not enter the working area below the hopper. Otherwise, there is a risk that concrete will decline, and there is a risk of agitating vehicles back and forth to attack safety incidents!

Avoid the risk of directly reaching the inside of the screw conveyor or being damaged by the screw blade!

When entering the mixer inside the mixer, if it does not stop completely, lock or press the brake, there will be no risk of damage, damage and damage.

These are the areas where there are risks in the operation of concrete mixing stations. I think we just need to operate correctly and not violate the rules so that we can eradicate the events.

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