How to choose a concrete mixing plant manufacturer?

March 03, 2017

How to choose a concrete mixing plant manufacturer has always been a problem that new users pay more attention to. Because the equipment of the concrete mixing station is not well understood, even if you don't know how to inspect the manufacturer, and what information is inspected by the manufacturer, how to choose the concrete mixing equipment manufacturer, Zhengzhou Yicheng Heavy Industry has the following suggestions for your reference:


batching machine


Investigate whether the manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment has good credit, reputation, certain production strength and large scale of production;
2、 Product
Investigate the quality, maturity, technical level, price and wearing parts of the mixing equipment produced by the concrete mixing equipment manufacturers;
Inspect the customer base of the concrete mixing equipment manufacturers and determine the industry reputation of the manufacturers;
Investigate whether the manufacturer has relevant policies and systems for installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, wearing parts and technical guidance;
Investigate whether the manufacturer has perfect after-sales service that satisfies the customer, such as how to solve the problem if the equipment fails during operation.
If you are interested in purchasing, Zhengzhou Yicheng Heavy Industry will try its best to meet all your needs. Welcome to purchase.

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