How far is the distance between the concrete mixing station and the construction site?

July 02, 2019

As long as the concrete is produced, it needs to be put into use immediately, otherwise it will be easy to agglomerate, which is a loss for the enterprise and a waste for the resources. Therefore, the distance between the construction site of the concrete mixing station and the construction site must be moderate.

 concrete batching plant

In the selection of concrete mixing station construction sites need to consider comprehensively,the past production and application experience tells us that the construction site of commercial concrete batching plant is better within 10 km from the construction site, it is acceptable within 50 km because of environmental protection.

Distance between engineering concrete batching plant and construction site:
In some remote and remote mountainous areas, when the commercial concrete transportation is inconvenient, consider the self-built concrete batching plant.
It is recommended to build an engineering concrete batching Plant every 30 kilometers. It is more cost-effective to choose a small concrete batchin plant such as HZS35 batching plant. The modular structure is convenient for installation and relocation.

The HZS35 concrete batching plant produced by Zhengzhou Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and safety.



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