What is the work content of the dispatcher in the mixing station?

March 08, 2009

The dispatcher of concrete mixing station is responsible for the following content:


 The collection of information

When the dispatcher receives the notice from the project manager or the management director of the cement mixing station, he must collect such information as the project name, construction location, concrete mark and grade, slump, volume, approximate time of arrival and so on.


Preparation steps of operators

After the dispatcher issues the collected information, the operator and the tester shall draw up the notice of applying ingredients according to the water content of sand and stone on that day, and inform the transport personnel and other personnel to arrive at the corresponding position of the mixing station on time and do a good job in the trial operation.Its main work is to check the electric (water and air) road, metering, operation system, warning system, ingredients weigh sensor and so on whether normal operation.

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The responsibility of the materials officer

The material staff is mainly responsible for the purchase, storage and storage of the raw materials required in the production process of the mixing station. After purchasing the materials, the materials must be put into storage, outbound and in stock. For the sandstone, cementitious materials, admixtures, etc., it must be tested in the laboratory and do the inventory work. In addition, if necessary, it is necessary to keep the wearing parts of the concrete production equipment. The material staff must do a good job of producing raw materials, and when the materials are insufficient, they should inform the management guide in time, and do the purchase, storage and storage of the next raw materials.


Other content in the production of concrete will be introduced in next article.

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