What factors should be considered when purchasing concrete batching plant equipment

October 12, 2010

The selection of concrete batching equipment should take into account the following factors: firstly, your demand for concrete; secondly, the size of the site you own; thirdly, the performance of the concrete batching equipment; and finally, the most important price factor.

concrete batching plant

1. production scale

According to your production scale, to determine the choice of concrete batching plant equipment.For example, if you need to produce 200,000 cubic meters of concrete per year, then you need at least one HZS120 concrete batching plant. If you need more production, you need to choose a larger equipment.

2. Construction site

According to the size of the site, to determine the need for concrete batching building or concrete batching station.With the same model, the production efficiency of the batching building is one third higher than that of the batching plant.For example, the production efficiency of HLS90 building is equivalent to that of HZS120 station, of course, the price is higher.

3. Performance of concrete batching equipment

Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd  is a professional team, after more than 20 years of technical innovation, the production of equipment leading China's entire field, the performance of the equipment is the best, the technology is relatively mature, has an obvious price advantage.

4. Cost performance

Only pay attention to the advanced equipment and high-tech degree, will increase unnecessary spending, improve the total investment.But only the pursuit of lower prices, do not pay attention to the performance of equipment and measurement accuracy, this approach is not desirable. Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd. will provide you with cost-effective concrete batching plant.


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