What Factors Affect the Price of Concrete Mixer

December 26, 2014

Many customers will consult the price of concrete mixer, after knowing the price, they will ask why the price of the same type of concrete mixer is different.There are many factors that affect this. Let's take a detailed look at these factors:

1. Raw materials for making concrete mixer. The main raw material of concrete mixer is steel. For the same type of concrete mixing station, the different selection of steel determines the different production costs. Some manufacturers only pay attention to interests, so when choosing steel products, they may choose cheap ordinary steel products, and the quotation is on the low side. The raw materials chosen by the higher-quoted manufacturers are high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy steel, so the prices are different with different materials.

 2. External components of concrete mixer. Some large-scale mixer equipment, in order to ensure good mixing effect, some key parts need to be imported from abroad,  the price of the imported parts  will also affect the price of the mixer.

concrete batching plant

 3. Users have different requirements for the configuration of concrete mixers. Some customers have high requirements for the performance of concrete mixer equipment. In order to meet the needs of customers, manufacturers adopt advanced configuration, so the price of concrete mixer will be on the high side. On the contrary, the price of concrete mixer with low configuration is relatively low.

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