Three steps to build a concrete batching plant

June 15, 2016

1. Determination of the scale of concrete mixing plant 

Investors should do market research before determining the scale of investment. If it is used internally by the construction department, the production capacity of the mixing station to be purchased should be determined according to the building construction capacity and the amount of commercial concrete used.


batching machine

2.Determination of the grade of concrete batching plant

If the investment scale is small, it is possible to use a mixing station that is all domestically produced parts and a host with a lower cost. If the investment scale is large, some key components can be specified, such as sensors, screw conveyors, machine dust collectors, cement tank dust collectors, etc.; the mixing machine can use imported or large manufacturers equipment, etc., which can improve the reliability of the mixing station and the service life, improve the grade of the batching plant, thereby improving economic efficiency.


3. Selection of concrete batching plant site

When selecting the site, ensure that the site is close to the stone yard and the sand plant, ensuring sufficient water supply and away from residential areas. If the hillside topography can be fully utilized, the stockyard can be placed on the higher ground level of the hillside, which can reduce the feeding height of the batching machine, so that the climbing angle of the loading machine is small or no climbing, which saves energy and abrasion. Care should be taken to avoid ground and underground cables, power supplies or communication cables when installing the equipment.



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