The introduction of screw conveyor

August 15, 2009

In the concrete mixing station, the transportation of bulk cement from the cement silo to the mixer requires a device--screw conveyor, so how does it work? What are the characteristics of screw conveyor?

1.The principle of screw conveying

The bulk cement is added from the feed port.When the rotating shaft rotates, the material is subjected to the normal thrust of the screw blade. The radial component of the thrust and the frictional force of the blade against the material may rotate around the shaft with the material, but due to the gravity of material and the friction of the trough on the material wouldn’t cause the cup to rotate together with the spiral blade. Under the axial component force of the normal thrust of the blade, move along the axial direction of the trough. So the cement is transported from the cement silo to the concrete mixer.

concrete batching plant

(1)Drive unit

(2) Coupling


(4)Discharge port

(5)Rotating screw shaft

(6)Intermediate suspension bearing


(8)Feeding port

2.The character of screw conveyor

(1)Large conveying capacity.

(2)Low energy consumption.

(3)Good sealing.

(4)Long service life.

(5)The cost of screw conveyor is low , energy-saving and durable, less maintenance, and this can ensure the normal operation of the mixer in order to increase output, reduce consumption and improve efficiency.


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