The delivery of concrete batching plant

September 02, 2011

Since the establishment of our company,we have a large number of loyal users in China.Our customers always can keep a good communication with our department.If they have some problem in technology aspect,we would help them to solve it and direct production operator ASAP.We have made great progress in 2019, and sign several important contracts.Hope that this HZS180 concrete batching plant can be installed successfully.


1. How much space does a batching plant need usually?

The area of single plant need about 1-2 hectares,and double plant need about 2 hectares (including subsidiary facilities );

2. What conditions should the customer site meet?

concrete batching plant

Basic site condition are "Three are through and one is smooth":road,electricity, 

water supply and smooth ground.

Road:It should satisfy 17.5 meters semi-trailer free access.There are no height limit and load limit marking.

Electricity:It has the power supply needed for silo production, single machine 200KVA, double machine 240KVA

Water:It can satisfy domestic water of installation operator in earlier stage;It must make sure normal demand for production water in late equipment installation and debugging.

Flat site:The area of flat site:Single machine:no less than 800m2, double machine :no less than 1200 ㎡. Both conditions are convenient to make cement silos.

The surface is requirement to be compacted.It can make sure that In the case of light rain or light rain showers, it can restore work conditions rapidly in short times.It can satisfy 50t cranes and heavy trucks(17.5 meters semi-trailer)free access.

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