Some easy ways to repair cement silos

February 05, 2012

Cement silo/Cement tank is a storage silo for storing bulk materials such as bulk cement during construction. It can also be used for the storage of bulk cement in concrete batching plants. This equipment can replace the civil construction silo and has outstanding features such as waterproofing, moisture proof and preventing cement loss. Compared with the traditional silo, the cement silo occupies less land, has a long service life and low cost, and is a good choice for the majority of users.

Precautions for the use of cement tanks:

cement silo


1. Check if the line is unblocked before use.


2. The bulk cement truck starts to vibrate for 2-3 minutes before pouring the ash into the tank.


3. When the alarm on the cement tank alarms, stop the ashing to prevent damage to the dustproof processor.


4. Check if the dust filter is clogged when the air is out of breath. If it is blocked, it needs to be cleaned in time.


5. Before cleaning the filter element, first bundle it with 2-3 lines to prevent deformation of the filter element during rinsing.


6. When cleaning, you must wait for the filter to dry before installing.


{C}7. {C}After the filter element has been repeatedly cleaned, it should be replaced in time when it has reached the purpose of dust removal.

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