Knowledge Training of YCZG Concrete Batching Plant

June 24, 2008

A good way which can help a company grow rapidly indicates that build a professional and cooperative team.As a salesman of concrete batching plant ,it’s important for us to have enough on-site experience.In addition,some regular knowledge training is also useful for a salesmen to explain more details and questions of concrete batching plant for our potential customers.


Today,Our company organize a product knowledge training for all international trade specialist again.We invite a technical staff who are a master in this field to give a training.Everybody receives a lot in this lesson.Hope that we can offer a better service for our clients.As follows,I will introduce you how to choose a reliable concrete batching plant:

1. Go to the factory and observe carefully. The manager who receive you in the early stage may not be familiar with the workers who meet the workshop when you visit the factory. Perhaps they are just agents of this factory.

2. The company that receive you may not have its own workshop equipment. They probably take you to another concrete mixing plant manufacturer.This kind of trading company can’t offer you a complete after sales service.

3. In the process of negotiation, some manufacturers hope that you can sign the agreement as soon as possible and try to meet all your agreement,such as low price.At this time,you should stay alert and see the details in the contract carefully.

A advise for some investors who want to build a concrete batching plant is that choose more concrete batching plant manufacturer and compare each advantages and disadvantages.Decide the final partners after a research and also you must choose a salesman who you trust.

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