Influence of concrete admixtures on batching equipment

March 09, 2016

In the process of concrete production, what effect does the admixture have on the concrete and what effect does it have on the concrete batching plant, let me elaborate.

concrete mixer

In recent years the development of our country's concrete admixture is very rapid, as early as in 1982 established association of professional committee and the admixture of concrete admixtures so far, our country's research and development production and application of concrete admixture is on the standardization and normalization of the correct, after years of practice shows that reasonable application in concrete, mortar admixtures, can obtain a variety of modified function, obtain a variety of technical and economic effect, improve the workability of concrete mixture and improving construction conditions, raise the level of quality, strength and other physical and mechanical properties of concrete material, improve the early strength, shorten the construction period, saving energy consumption,Strengthen the turnover of equipment, improve productivity, adjust the speed of setting and hardening, adjust the content of air, improve durability, improve the wetting ability of mixing materials, improve the anti-corrosion ability, prevent steel corrosion, improve the pore structure of concrete, weaken the alkali-aggregate reaction, reduce dry shrinkage, etc.In a word, the application of modern concrete admixture in concrete engineering will bring remarkable economic and social benefits, and bring new breakthroughs and progress in concrete material science and practical technology.


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