How to reduce the influence of concrete batching plant to surrounding environment

September 11, 2016

1. Reduce dust pollution
(1) Strengthen the mixing machine seal. Dust mainly overflow from the mixer top cover and mixing machine connection so you can strengthen the connection of the sealing to reduce dust overflow.
(2) Concrete batching plant should select special discharge pipe terminal, such as spiral nozzle, to form a water base in the mixer chamber and achieve the effect of dust removal.
2. Reduce noise pollution
(1)Concrete batching plant should adopt sound insulation board to encapsulate the stirring host.
(2)Concrete batching plant should use flexible materials to make lining and blade to reduce the impact of aggregate noise in feeding and mixing.


batching machine
3. Reduce waste water pollution
(1)The washing waste water which generated by the transport tank cars and mixer, all recycled for the production of concrete after the collection of the collection pool.There is  no outward discharge of industrial waste water.
(2) In the garage, the pump repair room produces a small amount of oily wastewater, which is treated by oil separation, sedimentation and domestic sewage.
4. Reduce solid waste pollution

Henan Yicheng Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd make a great progress in the environment protection as for above aspects,and improve itself gradually.


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