How to deal with the pollution of concrete batching plant

September 02, 2017

Concrete batching plant develops with the commercialization of concrete. The raw materials processed by concrete batching plan are cement and fly ash which are polluted seriously. At the same time, it will produce some noise pollution. Therefore, with the haze weather in our country's home, the pollution of concrete batching plan must be treated, so as to reduce environmental pollution. How to control the pollution of concrete batching plan?
Pollution control methods of concrete mixing station:


concrete batching plant
1. Dust removal device: Dust is an important pollutant in the production process of concrete batching plan. Dust is an important cause of haze weather at present. Generally, dust collectors are installed at the top of the cement bin.
2. Muffler: Noise pollution is also an important pollution of concrete mixing station. In order to reduce the noise of Orthopaedic feeding, the asphalt mixing station is usually lined with wear-resistant rubber sausage on the hopper and trough, and double-deck structure or laying sound-absorbing material on the outer wall of the mixing building.
3. Wastewater treatment and aggregate recycling devices: Wastewater treatment and orthopaedic recycling devices are set up in one part of the bar concrete batching plan to solve the problems of cleaning and drainage of concrete batching conveyor. The wastewater treatment and aggregate recovery devices of concrete batching plant are arranged in various ways in combination with the production site.
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